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We surveyed our community of startup founders to learn how they manage their money, how their business is doing, future trends, and much more, and it's available to you for free!

Hampton is a private community where ambitious founders can share their wins, and struggles, and ask for help from fellow startup founders.

That means there is a lot of incredible information being passed around in our Slack channel. We obviously have to keep that info private, but we decided to survey our members and create exclusive reports to see what we can learn from them and their business.

Check out the reports below and download them for free!

2024 AI Founder Report

Ever wondered how AI is already impacting businesses? We surveyed over 100 founders and got a ton of insights, including:

  • How AI has impacted staffing
  • What they're spending on R&D for AI
  • What are their favorite tools to use

A lots more. You can download the AI Founder Report here


2023 Ecommerce Analysis

Ever wondered how much other Ecommerce founders pay themselves? Or which marketing channels they're most excited about?

There are hundreds of Ecommerce founders in Hampton, and we decided it would be interesting to ask them all kinds of questions and compile the info into a full-fledged report for you.  

We got a bunch of data related to revenue, gross & net profit, team size, etc. We also asked what marketing channels worked (and what didn't) and what they're most excited about in 2024.

2023 Ecommerce Analysis

2023 Agency Analysis: People, Profits, and Projections

Hampton is home to hundreds of agency founders, and we decided it would be interesting to poll them to find out how they did in 2023, and use the data to create a sort of "agency state of the union" type of report. 

We got a bunch of data related to their service offering, revenue, margins, team size, and general sentiment on what went well in 2023... and what didn't go so well.
2023 Agency Analysis Profits, People, and Projections

2023 Wealth Allocation Survey

The most popular discussions in our private founder community: How members should spend and invest their time and money. 

And, of course, how that ties back to fulfillment and productivity. This information isn't exactly Google-able.

So, we surveyed our members and created a one-of-a-kind comprehensive report that answers questions most people never ask because they're either too embarrassed or don't have access to folks with the answer.

Download the report here

Hampton 2023 Wealth Allocation Survey


Personally, I find being the CEO of a startup to be downright exhilarating. But, as I'm sure you well know, it can also be a bit lonely and stressful at times, too.

Because, let's be honest, if you're the kind of person with the guts to actually launch and run a startup, then you can bet everyone will always be asking you a thousand questions, expecting you to have all the right answers -- all the time.

And that's okay! Navigating this kind of pressure is the job.

But what about all the difficult questions that you have as you reach each new level of growth and success? For tax questions, you have an accountant. For legal, your attorney. And for tech. your dev team.

This is where Hampton comes in.

Hampton's a private and highly vetted network for high-growth founders and CEOs.

See if you're a fit...

Insider insights you’ll actually use

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