From Internal Tool To $50m+ SaaS: How Triple Whale Got Its Start

I once heard someone say that, "Everyone has a potential 6-figure product sitting in their Google...

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Pivoting A Failed Fitness Brand Into A Thriving $5m Online Swag Shop

Inside the Hampton group, Jay Sapovits is seen as something of a wise advisor. For one thing, he...

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This Former Fintech Exec Now Sells Millions In Used Tractors On The Internet

Here at Hampton, we love it when we find founders who are thriving in unexpected industries....

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He Cold Emailed Mark Cuban... And It Worked!

When covid hit, and universities closed, revenue for Hampton member Steven Farag's small college...

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She Ditched Law School And Built A Multimillion Dollar SaaS Business

My favorite fact about Hampton member Jasmine Star is that on the day that she dropped out of law...

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How This Midwestern Founder Launched An 8-Figure B2B In Minnesota

We have a rule on the Hampton team which is that you're not allowed to hire anyone unless they are...

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Bootstrapping An UpWork Hustle Into A $6m+ Business In Two Years

Hampton member Taylor Hersom didn't mean to start a business. Not originally, at least. He got his...

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Creator Led Brands: How Little Chonk Built A $1M+ Pet Product On A TikTok Audience

Of all the articles we've written on this blog so far, this was the easiest (and most fun) to track...

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Bootstrapping A $10m Furniture Company In Under Two Years With Zero Ad Spend

There's a thing that people in the startup world all know but rarely talk about, and it's kind of...

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This Gaming Studio Bootstrapped to Over $2 Million in Sales In Year One

Hampton member Ryan Filsinger spent the last ~15 years building high-end mobile games you've...

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How A Graphic Designer In Kentucky Bootstrapped His Side-Hustle To 100m+ Users

On the surface, Hampton member Shawn Rubel may not sound like your typical tech founder. He's a...

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Bootstrapping to 2m+ Users With Zero Employees

Hampton member Ania Wysocka may have one of the only businesses I know of that can scale to $10m in...

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I'm Back: I've Started a New Company

There’s something special I need to tell you. I haven’t told anyone yet…

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Her Unexpected Elopement Company Is A Runaway Success

If you think every successful founder or CEO is born knowing that they want to lead a company,...

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His Company Does $2.5m Per Employee Hauling Gravel For Uncle Sam

Apple is famous for having one of the most financially productive workforces of any major tech...

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From Living in a Dumpster to a $12 Million Glamping Business

The world wants us to be vanilla. To put us into a box. And that's why when I come across original...

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