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A place to safely talk about your founder experience, ask embarrassing questions, and learn from  others who actually understand what you’re going through.

Hampton is a private, highly vetted community for founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

Every Hampton applicant is interviewed, vetted, and researched before they’re invited. We accept fewer than 8% of applicants and our number one priority is ensuring the quality and integrity of our community.

We frequently refer to our membership benefit pillars as The Hampton Five. As a Hampton member,  you receive all five benefits, plus you’ll continue to enjoy new perks as we add member benefits over time.

Monthly Core Groups

Monthly core group meetings are the cornerstone of the Hampton experience and is the only part of Hampton that is mandatory. When you join Hampton, our membership team will carefully handpick other members to join your group, and you’ll be curated into a group with seven other founders and an experienced, executive facilitator. Groups are created based first on industry, then on traction (revenue, growth, users, employees, etc).

Core group meetings are virtual, 2.5 hours long and there are 9-10 per year.

You should think of your core group as your own personal board of directors - there to give you advice, provide critical feedback, and help you accelerate the growth of your business.

Meetings are structured and organized by your facilitator, who uses a tested Hampton playbook that allows you to focus on the most important parts of your personal or professional life.

Digital Community

Hampton members receive immediate access to the Hampton-wide digital community. We proudly boast 85% engagement in our community, with members actively striving to help others and share relevant information. If you have an immediate or urgent issue - whether it’s raising another round, thinking about executive hiring, or signing a big contract - it’s likely that another Hampton member has already had that same experience and is there to help.

You will have access to our private Hampton directory and portal, which not only lists every member and their contact information, but you’ll be able to see Hampton members on a map, quickly and efficiently there to help you meet-up for coffees or regional get-togethers.

When you join Hampton, you also have the help of “Howard Hampton”, our full-time digital concierge. “Howard Hampton” is there to help you with onboarding, connecting to other Hamptonites, and/or pointing you toward the right speaker series or in-person event.

Last but not least, we have a weekly Hampton newsletter, which aggregates the most important Hampton conversations, introduces new members, and ensures you know everything that is going on inside our thriving community.

In-person Community

Our in-person event strategy is focused around three pillars: our monthly member dinners, annual retreats, and local adventures.

We know Hampton members love hanging out and seeing each other in-person, so we’ve been organizing member dinners in all of our top locations. If you’re in a Tier 1 city (think San Francisco, NYC, Austin), we aim to host 4 dinners per year, and if you’re in a Tier 2 city (think Boston, Nashville, Phoenix), we aim to host 2 dinners per year. We’ll keep adding dinners as long as we keep adding new members. The best part is that they’re organized and paid for, by Hampton.

We’re still early in our annual retreat planning, but we hope to organize an annual, two-day retreat for every member in a core group. Imagine a two day, rustic but luxury-based retreat in an ideal location, focused on personal and professional growth. All planned and organized by Hampton.

Lastly, we know Hamptonites like to have fun and seek adventure. So we’re coming up with a variety of adventures open to all - fishing in Austin, skiing in Tahoe, boating in Miami. Keep your eyes out for these memorable events!

Speaker Series & Education

We know how important it is to have access to the best and brightest and to stay on top of your game. So we host unique workshops and bring in special speakers to chat with Hamptonites across a variety of topics. We’ve had Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell, Kat Cole, COO of Athletic Greens, and Jasmine Star of Social Curator, to name a few.

If there’s someone you want to learn from or hear from, chances are we can make it happen.

Exclusive Perks

We’ve been securing exclusive discounts with the most popular software companies, tools, and apps. They’re all at your fingertips when you join Hampton. We’re also busy building a Hampton Preferred Vendor List, where you’ll have immediate access to a list of vendors and software personally vouched for by Hampton members (including their write-ups). Looking for the right HR tool? Need a developer? Trying to find a local design agency? We’ve got you covered.

Hampton vs. Others

Hampton YPO EO Chief Vistage
Founders & CEOs Only
Exclusively High Growth Startups & Businesses
Digitally Native Members
Coach Led Core Groups
Core Groups Include Peers Outside Local Regions
Incredibly Engaged Slack Community
Peer-Based Knowledge Sharing
In-person Events & Community Gatherings
Bespoke Multi-day IRL Retreats
Members-only Weekly Newsletter
Database of Recommended Vendors
Library of Recorded Digital Events


Candidate requirements

  • Fast growing tech-enabled startups

  • Min $1 million per year to over $250 million per year in revenue (business financials must be submitted for verification)

    • Or raised at least $3 million

    • Or previously sold a startup for at least $5 million

  • Located in US and Canada (exceptions made for UK and Mexico)