MoneyWise: Finance podcast for high net worth people.


This is MoneyWise, a podcast where host Sam Parr (@theSamParr) is joined by high-net-worth guests to explore exclusive insights into personal finance and lifestyle tailored for other high-net-worth people, or those on their way. They'll get radically transparent about the numbers, revealing things like their burn rates, portfolios, and spending habits.

MoneyWise: Finance podcast for high net worth people.


To be frank: this topic, if done incorrectly, can really make us sound like an ass. 

But, it's incredibly important. 

See, there are a lot of podcasts and resources out there on how to make money. 

But what about what to do after you have money?

Spending, managing, investing, and being happy with it?

This topic is rarely discussed because it's embarrassing. 

That's why we created MoneyWise. 

On MoneyWise we dive deep on topics that come with making money while being transparent on the guests net worth, monthly spending and more.

Hampton has hundreds of members who are worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. I see the questions they ask in our community and the answers they get. This stuff can't be Googled.

With MoneyWise, we want some of those topics to be available to you, our dear listener.

Episode #10

Why Someone Worth $120M Cut Themselves Off From Making More Money

  • Jeff, who had amassed over $120 million by his forties, made a conscious decision to stop pursuing additional wealth after realizing it hindered his happiness. Jeff successfully stepped away from building companies to focus on personal fulfillment.
  • After quitting his work, Jeff founded a support group for individuals at similar life stages, emphasizing the importance of addressing the addictive aspects of wealth accumulation and redefining personal success.
  • Despite cutting off his income, Jeff does not minimize his spending; rather, he believes it's his duty to spend his money actively. This approach is a significant part of how he enjoys the wealth he has created and maintained.

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Episode #9

Transparent Personal Finances of 100 Millionaires

  • This is not a normal episode, this is better. We’ve heard how much Moneywise listeners love the transparency we get from our guests, so we’ve gone a step further. We sent out a survey to all Hampton members.
  • We got hundreds of responses detailing things like how much money they have, how they spend it, what their family situation is, if they have debt and how much, etc.
  • We’re giving all of this information away for free at

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Episode #8

The Personal Finances of a $200M/year Ecom Business Owner (and why he’s giving away his money)

  • Mike Beckham has escalated his philanthropic efforts by committing to donate 50% of his annual income this year, in addition to his company, Simple Modern, allocating 10% of its profits to charitable causes.
  • His decision to focus on philanthropy was influenced by his career switch from the nonprofit sector to entrepreneurship, where he uses his business acumen to amplify his impact on charitable giving.
  • In this episode, Mike discusses both personal and financial benefits of donating, provides tips for effective giving, and shares detailed insights into his financial journey and practices.

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Episode #7

Born a Billionaire: How to Avoid Wealth Robbing Your Kids of Purposeful Lives

  • This episode explores the psychological and emotional challenges of being born into wealth, highlighting the difficulty of finding purpose when all material needs are met, and the risks of aimlessness and substance abuse.
  • Taylor Adams, having experienced the pressures of inheriting a billion-dollar fortune, shares his insights on empowering wealthy parents to instill a sense of purpose and value-adding mindset in their children through his company, Belief Partners.
  • The episode contrasts Taylor’s advocacy for trusts and purposeful wealth management with the story of Jane, who will receive a $20 million lump sum inheritance, discussing how her parents' approach to wealth transfer influenced her personal pursuit of meaning and family life.

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Episode #6

Illiquid Assets and Over-investing in Yourself

  • Sam explores the rationale behind maintaining significant liquid assets when one already has the lifestyle they desire. We question the need to keep assets tied up when they could be used to enhance current living standards.
  • The episode focuses on Dave,"who has substantial wealth but prefers to invest in various assets like private businesses, angel investments, crypto, and real estate, while living on a salary that doesn’t meet his monthly expenses.
  • They discuss Dave's unique approach to managing his wealth, where he invests heavily in himself, including hiring a personal team to handle daily tasks.

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Episode #5

Is a 24,000 sq ft Home Worth It?

  • Sam explores the experiences and challenges of living in a 24,000 square foot mega mansion with guest "Hank," including upkeep, repairs, and financial costs associated with such a large home.
  • Architect Ryan Thewes, who designs private residences in Nashville, shares insights into the features and designs most commonly requested by clients for mega mansions.
  • This episode covers the financial breakdowns and advice on how to approach building or buying a dream home.

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Episode #4

The Realities of Retiring Early

  • Meet Ryan and Jeff, who achieved early retirement through different means: Ryan by selling a business and Jeff by accumulating investment income.
  • They discuss the unexpected challenges of early retirement, including feelings of loss and the pressure to stay busy.
  • This episode explores how much they each have invested, how they manage their free time, and their journeys to find fulfillment beyond work.

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Episode #3

Why Someone Worth $150M Liquid Only Spends $5K Monthly

  • "Cam", worth $150 million from a business that went public, spends only $5,000 a month, sharing his journey from a net worth of a few thousand to millions.
  • The episode delves into why Cam maintains such a modest monthly expenditure, focusing on privacy, the impact of wealth on relationships, and his spending breakdown.
  • Discussion on Cam's savings and investment strategies, and the expenditures that bring him true happiness.

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Episode #2

How Neil Patel Spends $200K a Month

  • Neil Patel's monthly expenses soared from $15k to $200k; he discusses moving away from budgeting despite this increase.
  • Exploring Neil's entrepreneurial success and the evolution of his spending and financial management.
  • Neil outlines his financials, including a $2.4 million yearly burn rate and his path to becoming a billionaire, emphasizing wealth's role in happiness.

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