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Hampton is full of good people and great entrepreneurs,
inspiring and challenging each other at the same time.
The perfect recipe for growth.

Next Steps

Your Community

Join the community. Introduce yourself. Brag about your accomplishments. Share your missteps. We'll be there waiting to help & commiserate. Oh, and by the way, each week we send an email that shows off our new members.


Your Privacy

Each and every member has signed the confidentiality pledge.

We take this seriously, to protect your privacy as well as the other Hampton members.


Private Core Group

We're working to curate your group as we speak. We interview everyone and hand pick each member to make sure it's the perfect fit.

Hang tight. We'll email you shortly with your core group information.


The Facilitator

Once your group is finalized (2-4 weeks), your facilitator will email & Slack you. They'll send you times for your first meeting. You can vote on which times works best.

The winning time is the time.


Required Onboarding Reading


Your Perks

You now have access to over $500,000 of SAAS discounts, and savings. Look for AWS, Stripe, Notion, Zendesk and more!

Go nuts, and save your company a ton.

Claim Your SaaS Perks Here


View the interactive Member Map

Connect with local Members for meetups, or calls via our private dynamic map.

Sign in and access via the Hampton Slack


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