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Growing a startup is hard. We make it easier.

Growing a startup is hard.
We make it easier.

Hampton was born out of the experience of Sam Parr and Joe Speiser - both ambitious entrepreneurs with multiple exits.

In 2014 when Sam was just starting his first company, he met Joe and a small group of other founders. They informally met every month to talk shop: whose business was struggling, how to get more customers, how to part with a co-founder. All the things you can’t google, the questions with hard-to-find answers.

It’s no coincidence that they were all successful and all sold their businesses at the same time. The group advice, support, and connection were invaluable.

So, they decided to make the groups possible for other founders.

A core group you can trust, a private community you can learn from, rely on, and celebrate with.

That’s what Hampton is for.

About Us

Hampton co-founders Sam Parr and Joe Speiser have built, scaled and exited multiple 8 and 9-figure startups across ad-tech, ecom, SaaS and media. The Hampton team currently is made up of 8 startup leaders who have a crazy passion for community.

Our members are predominantly in North America, run tech-enabled or tech-forward startups, and the average revenue per member company is roughly $23m. Read more about us in the news, here.

Mission & Core Values

Hampton’s mission is to build the most valuable, engaged community for high-growth founders. To help us on that journey, we're guided by our own four C.O.R.E. Values. These values revolve around confidentiality, openness, respect, and effort, and are critical to the community thriving. As such, every single member signs a core value pledge before they join Hampton.

Shoot us an email if you have any questions and we’ll reply right away.


Our Team

Sam Parr

Joseph Speiser

Alex Pattis

Alex Stanton

Grant Hushek

Howard Hampton

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