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Hampton's 2023 Wealth Survey

Valuable insights from the financial lives of high-net-worth founders. From investment strategies, and portfolio allocation to personal fulfillment, and more.

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How do you compare?

Hampton is a private community for startup founders. Our member's run companies ranging from $1m to more than $100m a year in revenue. 

The most popular topic of discussion: How members should spend and invest their time and money. 

And, of course, how that ties back to fulfillment and productivity. 

This information isn't exactly Google-able.

So, we surveyed our members and created a one of a kind comprehensive report that answers questions most people never ask because they're either too embarrassed, or don't have access to folks with the answer.

A few tidbits you'll learn...

Wealth Allocation: Where founders invest their personal capital. 

Lifestyle: How many hours people work at different wealth levels.

Income and burn: What they pay themselves, and how much they spend each month.

Trends: Overall business trends, including changes in revenue, profit, and headcount in 2023


And a whole lot more...



Hampton members run the fastest growing startups in the world, across a wide array of industries.

Some are bootstrapped, others venture-backed. But all our members seek belonging, support, and connection with a selective group of their peers.


Ania Wysocka

Founder & CEO,


Patrick Campbell

Founder of Profitwell


Melissa Parvis

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